My blues appear When you draw near Off of your lips Love words I hear How can I believe Anything you say You've got me hooked I'll always look The other way Many splendored things Are all the pangs Inside my heart That your love brings But I hold out Hoping you might change So I proceed to turn my cheek The other way I'll ride the highs And bear the lows I've dimmed the lights In my heart’s glow Each move you make Just brings me pain I'll take your blows since I don't know Any other way
Time after time you've said That you won't see me again If that's the way you want it then that's fine Though it hurts to see you go I just want you to know I'll be around if you ever change your mind One by one the tear drops fall Their collection's on the wall But I'm not necessarily resigned To the fact you've gone astray I'll tell you just in case I'll be around if you ever change your mind I'll be around right here where you left me long ago In the exact same state I've always been confined Though I'm no longer in demand I want you to understand I'll be around if you ever change your mind I'll be around right here where you left me long ago And you know precisely what you're going to find A love sick fool like me Waiting for you patiently I'll be around if you ever change your mind I'll be around if you ever change your mind
Taken By You 03:42
We're bound by this plan, the ropes on the hands And plans, they rearrange I'm hanging off your double cross We really need this change I'm so taken by you And you'll be taken by me There's no telling who's To be believed We think we know the why's But did we think it through? You'll be taken by me I'm so taken by you There's nothing to fear, I need you near It's clear to see you've an itch to flee It's just our luck how we've been stuck This kid's so rich, why aren't we? I'm so taken by you And you'll be taken by me Where're we going to? Our house amongst the trees We think we know the why's But did we think it through? You'll be taken by me I'm so taken by you It's a simple scheme if we work as a team It's after dark and I can hardly see If we keep it together, it'll all be better No one gets hurt but me I'm so taken by you And you'll be taken by me Where're we going to? Our house amongst the trees We think we know the why's But did we think it through? You'll be taken by me I'm so taken by you
Sometimes I start to feel the pull From the ghosts of our love That haunt me not unlike a welcome guest We know that it's impossible To be hand in hand in glove But we just can't lay some spirits to rest Though we've both had to confront Our hearts are tied and bound We have found a way to cheat our fates 'Cause come once every few months You'll know where we'll be found Beneath those neon lights on Interstate At least we'll always have this hotel room Where you and I can lie down for a while If only for a night, just like we used to do And then we go back to our usual lives If these sheets could only speak The secrets they would tell How each discrete meeting fills me with pain It leaves my heart completely weak To know tonight could be the final time I ever see your face again At least we'll always have this hotel room Where you and I can lie down for a while If only for a night, just like we used to do And then we go back to our usual lives At least we'll always have this hotel room Where we can lie to ourselves for a while If only for a night, just like we used to do And then we go back to our usual lives
In Your Mind 07:41
In your mind everything is perfect Perfect as you'd want it all to be In you mind everything is perfect Living in your altered memories You don't have to take responsibility Or accept blame for the wrongs you've done Troubles aren't the product of your making And yet they seem to pile on one by one In your mind everything is perfect Perfect as you'd want it all to be In you mind everything is perfect Living in your altered memories None of your former friends has ever left you Except when your borderline's trespassed Blazing trails of regretted lovers Because none of them ever passed your test In your mind everything is perfect Perfect as you'd want it all to be In you mind everything is perfect Living in your altered memories Flights of fancy hang on the horizon Falsehoods ring out loud and true You deserve everything you desire And deserve everything coming to you In your mind everything is perfect Perfect as you'd want it all to be In you mind everything is perfect Living in your altered memories
Wouldn't it be such a thrill if the two of us wrote Staged and scripted a quote - chance meeting - unquote A simulated encounter on this soap opera set Let's pretend we're strangers darling like we never met Let's pretend we're strangers in a crowded house party I'll watch you work the room just to take a part of me From our ice cold shaking hands nobody would suspect We're pretending that we're strangers like we never met You don't know how I look forward  to the games we'll play When we're in the maddening crowd in the  harsh light of day My heart is yearning for you  but I just can't show it yet Let's pretend we're strangers darling like we never met Let's pretend we're strangers when we go out in public And feign the faintest glimpse of each other  would make us sick I know that you are old enough to keep a secret Let's pretend we're strangers darling like we never met Let's pretend we're strangers  when we go out on the town There'll be no trace of the histories  that lie between us now Forever I will hold these cards up close to my chest Let's pretend we're strangers darling like we never met
Can you see just how she's made up A portrait of style and grace Standing there in eyeliner and rouge But no matter how much make up She applies to her face It will never fully conceal the bruise Of when I lay my hands on her To touch her burns like fire The flames of which she stands to bear the brunt And you know how I am sorry And it won't happen again But I swear that I only hit her once It's so hard to learn the lesson You hurt the ones that love you Sometimes I think she'll never learn She threatens her affections Can always be removed But no matter what I know she will return To step back into the ring Where the kid gloves I'm removing You know it wouldn't make any difference In the way I feel about her Or the way she feels about me But I swear that I only hit her once I'm a man and I'll own up to Actions that I can't undo Don't you know my poor pride has paid the price And you know how I am sorry And it won't happen again But I swear that I only hit her twice I mean I swear that I only hit her once
Brian Cells 03:56
Brain cells, killing brain cells With every substance I consume Brain cells, killing brain cells To erase these memories of you Don't try to tell me how it's over You know exactly what I'll do Tonight I can't stand to be sober Believe when I say it's true Brain cells, killing brain cells As I'm sucking down these fumes Brain cells, killing brain cells To erase these memories of you You told me time and time and time again Not to go down that road But tonight I think I'll do it 'Cause it's the only way I know Brain cells, killing brain cells 'Cause it's the only way I know to cope Brain cells, killing brain cells 'Cause it's the only thing that gives me hope Brain cells, killing brain cells With every substance I consume Brain cells, killing brain cells To erase these memories of you
You always asked for me to write a dedicated tune This is my last blue yodel to you All it took was for us to part for this song to come to This is my last blue yodel to you A thousand times I've cried your name  in the middle of the night Without the decency of your reply I thought that I was over you  but then I thought too soon This is my last blue yodel to you My desperate wish is that you catch  this lingering melody That carries itself on the evening breeze All I want is to forget but hell what can I do? This is my last blue yodel to you This is my last blue yodel to you Yodel lee hee hey, yodel lee hee hey,  yodel lee hee


The four men were lowered down the shaft, carrying nothing but a pickaxe and a menagerie of instruments. We stood at the lip of the mine and waved until we could see them no more. The glint of the saxophone kept our eye the longest but it too eventually went black.

For seventy-two hours we heard their wails. We heard pianos thunder beneath the steady drizzle of dirt, guitar riffs that cut through the earth’s crust. We put our ears to the ground to listen to far-off vocals echo around the auditorium of empty ore.

After three days of rumbling, there was quiet. We thought they had died. After all, the four men — James Dean, Peter, Matthew, Baird — had little experience underground.

But before we could construct the amount of stretchers needed to retrieve the bodies, we heard something even more remarkable than their music: we heard their footsteps. They emerged into the hard light of morning, looking swollen and angry and hurt. Tired certainly, bloody in places, sporting blisters where blisters had no reason to be. Yet they clutched a nugget of gold so large and so shiny that we knew their toil — the countless axe swings and the dynamite and the years shaved off their lives from breathing that toxic air — had been worth it.

That piece of gold is this album: Many Splendored Things.

Over hot water, covered in blankets, the Playboys told us what they had done down there, how they had been visited by the ghosts of old friends — Levi, Sean, Laura, Ken, Carol, Brad and Dave, even poor Thomas Paul — as they prospected the depths beneath our feet.

We said we believed them. We all knew what they had been through.

Later, after the gold had been pressed into vinyl, we went down the hole with our miner’s hats and our kerosene lamps. How had they done it, without food or water or natural light? In the circle emanating from our lanterns we saw their scrawls; first just scratches and dents, but then notes and a staff and eventually horses, running horses, then women, naked women, then great scenes of gambling and commerce, Breugel-inspired aerial works — even sculpture, decadent fountains and baths carved from the cave.

This album has been extracted from a hard place. This band — the Eastern Oregon Playboys — hit a deep and fruitful vein that we all knew was there but didn’t have the heart to dig at.

Put this on the record player. Listen to the sounds deep inside.

-Tim Trainor
Gentleman, Journalist


released September 12, 2014

Produced by Sean Ogilvie & James Dean Kindle
Mixed by Levi Cecil
Recorded by Sean & Levi at The Great Pacific, Wooden Fences, and Levi's house
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studios
Studio photography by E.J. Harris
Cover photograph, design & layout by P.R. Walters

James Dean Kindle & The Eastern Oregon Playboys are

J.D. Kindle, Brian Baird, Matt Van Sickle, & Peter Walters

All songs written by James Dean Kindle (Blue Mountains Music) ©2014 unless noted.

Dedicated to the memory of Dick Jones

Thanks to Ken Schulberg, Carol Hanks and the entire Great Pacific crew, Alice & Gordon Hepburn, Bev & Dan Kinsley, Ric & Pat Walters, the entire Kindle/Thompson family, Rian Beach,
The Jazz Club, Kris Doty, Rob Oberdorfer, Cody Nash, Will, Christina and Tater.


all rights reserved



James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys Pendleton, Oregon

Straddling the state of Oregon from Pendleton to Portland, James Dean Kindle and the Eastern Oregon Playboys use-up most of their remaining characters just typing their band name.

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